Dhruv Tara: What! Samrat tries to harm Mahaveer, Dhruv tries to confess his love to Tara

Dhruv tells the royal court that Tara should be allowed to train as a doctor. When Uday Bhaan says that women are not doctors, Dhruv defends Tara and praises her skills.
Dhruv Tara: What! Samrat tries to harm Mahaveer, Dhruv tries to confess his love to Tara

MUMBAI:Sony Sab’s 'Dhruv Tara' is a romantic drama that revolves around Dhruv and Tara, who are from two different eras. Tara, a princess from the 17th century, travels through time and arrives in the present day, where she meets Dhruv.

At the onset, the show unveils 17th century Princess Tarapriya (played by Riya Sharma) who is a secret Vaidya, her brother Prince Mahaveer (Krishna Bharadwaj), and their father, King Udaybhaan (Yash Tonk). Meanwhile, in the present day, Dhruv (played by Ishaan Dhawan) is seen in Agra near the Taj Mahal when an unidentified dupatta from the 17th century lands on him. The week also showcases how Tara’s mother Rani Kanupriya (played by Narayani Shashtri) advises Tara to travel into the 21st century to find a cure for her brother’s illness.

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Previously, Dhruv's suitcase gets lost and both Dhruv and Tara get tensed. Upon searching the suitcase they come to know that it's Samrat's new technique to trouble them and with the help of his people, he destroys all the machines which Dhruv had gotten along to treat Mahaveer.

Later, Senapati Samrat executes his next plan by effectively destroying all the batteries that Dhruv had acquired for Mahaveer’s surgery in the 17th century. Dhruv and Tara find themselves in a perplexing situation, unsure of their next course of action. 

Further, Dhruv tells Tara that without anaesthesia he cannot operate on her brother. Tara tells Dhruv she knows about certain herbs that might help. Suddenly, a stranger appears before them offering to help. Dhruv undertakes the responsibility of performing Mahaveer's surgery, yet encounters numerous challenges along the way. In the midst of these difficulties, Tara extends her assistance to Dhruv. 

Now, Dhruv is about to confess his love for Tara but is interrupted and a new trouble awaits for both Dhruv and Tara as Senapati Samrat tries to harm Mahaveer.

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Will Dhruv and Tara reach on time and save Mahaveer?

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