Spoiler Alert! Imlie: Atharva’s affection towards Imlie grows; Chini gets furious

Rudra lands a big meeting with foreign investors. They arrive and mistake Imlie for the maid and Chini for the Rana family’s daughter-in-law. Atharva gets furious about this and says he will not stand this, Chini feels furious as he sees his affection growing towards Imlie. 
Spoiler Alert! Imlie: Atharva’s affection towards Imlie grows; Chini feels furious

MUMBAI : Imlie is one of the most loved and successful shows on television, being among the top 4 shows when it comes to the BARC ratings. The story has taken a significant turn with Aryan and Imlie’s death and Imlie season 2 starting.

We saw a huge leap in the show after which Imlie and Chini are all grown up. The latest plot has been about Atharva and Imlie’s life post-marriage. Atharva still loves Chini and she is constantly trying to create issues between Atharva and Imlie.

In the upcoming track, we will see that Imlie feels bad as Chini agrees when the foreign investors mistake her for the daughter-in-law instead of Imlie. Imlie asks Chini why she did so, Chini says they should not find faults, or the meeting with Rudra will suffer. Imlie thinks about it and agrees.

Akash gets wine for the guests and Chini asks Imlie to serve the wine. Atharva gets furious at Chini for asking Imlie to do so. Imlie says she will do it and as she serves the wine, Chini puts her foot forward, and Imlie trips. The wine falls on the guests and they get angry at Imlie.

Atharva feels furious as the guests for calling Imlie a servant and insulting her. Akash asks Atharva to not clear their doubt as it will look odd now. Rudra says he will clear the confusion and Akash stops him as well.


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Imlie takes the guest to the washroom to clean her dress up.

Chini takes Atharva to a side and gets angry for sympathizing with Imlie. She says that it is okay if someone mistakes her for a servant because she is doing all the chores and also reminds Atharva that Imlie is the one who has wronged her all her life.

Atharva asks Chini to have a mature conversation with Imlie and clear things out. He says that he has a problem with an outsider coming and insulting Imlie. He will not bear it and will take a stand. Chini is left shocked.

The Rathore family on the other hand look for marriage proposals for Chini.

Atharva asks Imlie to take a stand for herself and Imlie says that it is not needed. He says he cannot let the guests insult her wife like that. She asks him to not do anything about it.

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