Thapki Pyaar Ki 2, 28th January 2022, Written Update: Hansika challenges to break Thapki’s mangasutra

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2, 28th January 2022, Written Update: Hansika challenges to break Thapki’s mangasutra

MUMBAI: The Episode starts with Hansika washing ashes from her forehead. Thapki comes there and asks if you got anything. She says everytime the same thing will happen with you, says Purab has married me and filled my maang with sindoor, and made me wear his name mangalsultra and asks her not to forget that her fight is with a married woman from now onwards. She goes. Hansika looks on. Sagar waits for Preeti in the restaurant. Preeti comes there wearing burqa and stands beside him. Sagar goes to the table and sits. Preeti also comes and sits with him. He thinks if she likes the perfume smell that she got stick to me. He holds her hand. Preeti lifts the burqa veil and asks if he will slip easily. Sagar says I know you was behind the burqa. Preeti tells that she is walking wearing burqa as she has a feeling that his wife will attack him. Sagar says I have fooled her. Priyanka is in the restaurant and take their recording in her mobile. Preeti and Sagar leave to watch the movie. Priyanka’s mobile falls down and she bends down to pick it, and misses seeing them leaving. She thinks she will see both of them.

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Hansika looks at their family photo and tells that she won’t let be Purab’s wife. She breaks the photo frame and then tries to damage Thapki’s photo, when Veena calls and asks what is fallen down. Hansika hides fast. Dadi, Veena, Purab and Thapki come there. Dadi says how did my family photo broke? Hansika comes and says may be the door was open, and that’s why frame fall down due to wind. Veena says so many inauspicious things are happening in the house. Purab asks her not to worry. Thapki bends down to pick the frame. Veena holds her mangalsutra and ties it again. She tells Thapki that the mangalsutra shall not fall down in any circumstances else nobody will be bad for her. Hansika thinks to break Thapki’s mangalsutra with her hand.

Sagar brings pastries for Priyanka. Priyanka says she knows from where he has brought the pastries and asks since when he is having affair with burqa clad woman. She hits him with pillows. Sagar tells that company is raising funds for orphan kids and that’s why I met that woman. Priyanka apologizes to him and says I will not doubt you. Sagar says ok. Priyanka smiles.

Thapki comes to the room in the morning. Purab asks her what is she doing at 6 am in the morning and asks her to switch off the lights. Thapki asks him to get up and tells that she will take off bad sight off from him. He says from me. She says Maa ji got bad vibes when my mangalsultra opened. He stops her and takes her to dressing table, asking her to take off the bad sight from both of them. They take off the bad sight from them and recall their words. Thapki gets teary eyes and says I will burn the baati outside. Purab gets emotional too, and thinks whatever you do, is for my and family’s betterment and I don’t know until when I can support you. Thapki lights fire to the baati and asks Mata Rani to give her strength to fight with Hansika’s bad reflection. Hansika comes there and throws water on the baati, asking her to go away from Purab’s life. She says you are shameless, and says I will make you go far from him. Thapki asks her to stop dreaming about separating us, and tells that Purab is the black beads and I am the thread, which can’t be separated. She closes her eyes to do the puja of the sun and then opens her eyes and says I swear on Surya Devta, that my mangalsutra and Purab and my relation will win. Hansika says I challenge you that your mangalsutra will be taken off from you before the sun sets, and asks her to just wait and watch.

Veena Devi tells the family members that she has a feeling that her family is in trouble and says something is near my eye, but I couldn’t see what I am missing. Dadi tells that today new generation will do cow puja to get blessed. Sapna asks Priyanka to do the puja as well. Priyanka says she wants to become yummy mummy and will do the puja. Thapki tells Dadi that she will do the puja for Purab and her relation’s safety. Hansika asks Sargam to have papaya. Sargam says I don’t need it and gets upset. Hansika asks why she is freaking out, as Thapki is pregnant and not Sargam. Sargam says she is supporting Bhabhi and whatever she is not eating, she will also not eat. Vinod says entire family will not have the food which Thapki is not having. Sargam gets vomiting sensation and goes. Hansika asks what happened to her. Everyone goes behind Sargam. Veena asks Sargam what happened? Purab says he will call the doctor. Thapki asks him to relax and don’t call the doctor, says she might have eaten something wrong. Dadi says you had food in night and till now you didn’t have breakfast. Thapki says I had told her not to order late night burger. Veena says it is not good. Hansika asks him to call the doctor for check up. Thapki stops Purab. Purab asks why are you stopping me. Sargam says I showed myself to doctor and Doctor said that body needs time to adjust as I was doing fasting. Thapki says she can vomit more, but she will be fine. Veena asks her to have light and healthy. Hansika thinks Thapi is smart to justify for vomiting happenings in future and signs her to save her mangalsutra. She sys I will complete my challenge.

Precap: Purab asks Thapki until when this fake pregnancy drama will continue and asks her to tell the truth to him. Thapki says I can’t tell you. Purab says remember that if any of my family members gets tear in their eyes, then I will not forgive you. Thapki asks what do you mean, if your family is not mine. He says if they are yours, then prove it.

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