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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favorite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely Threatens Sikandar

The episode starts with Lovely threatening Sikandar and asking him to throw out Tevar and Kullfi. Amyra is crying and thinking about talking to Tevar. Sikandar loses his patience and decides to reveal the truth to Tevar and confess his mistake too. Lovely informs Tony Chadda about Sikandar getting Tevar home.

Sikandar reaches Tevar to tell the truth but Lovely stops him and says not to forget Amyra. Tevar feels restless. Meanwhile, Amyra is heartbroken and scolds Kullfi for fight between Lovely and Sikandar.

Kullfi cries as Amyra blames her for everything. Tevar gets a big shock by listening to Tony and Cutie’s conversation and finding out that Amyra is his daughter, not Kullfi and recollects Sikandar’s lie. He can’t believe that Sikandar cheated him.

Kullfi tells Tevar about Amyra asking to leave the house. Tevar doesn’t listen to Kullfi and goes to Sikandar and confronts him to tell the truth by making him swear on Amyra.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Trapped in Jai's Plan

The episode starts with Shivaay thinking that he can’t see Priyanka’s life ruined in front of his eyes. He learns that Rajiv worked for Jai Kothari earlier and tells Anika about Jai and how he rejected his proposal of not marrying his sister and doesn’t expect that Jai is going to help him.

Shivaay reaches to Jai and seeks his help. Meanwhile, Priyanka is heading to her wedding with Rajiv. Anika tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen.

Jai promises Shivaay that before him police will arrive at the temple and arrest Rajiv and says that doesn’t mean they aren’t enemies anymore. Shivaay thanks Jai for the favour. The family tries to stop Priyanka. Everyone prays to Shivaay to come on time. The media questions Omkara about Priyanka but Shivaay arrives and announces you’ll not be married.

Priyanka again threats Shivaay and he throws away the poison from Priyanka’s hand. Jai comes with arrives there with police and Rajiv is arrested. Priyanka is shocked when Rajiv runs away from the wedding after seeing the police. Shivaay hugs Priyanka to console her.

Jai answers the tough questions raised by the reporters against Priyanka and offers to marry her to save her from the disgrace. Priyanka accepts Jai’s proposal and marries him. But nobody knows Jai’s evil intentions that he himself hired Rajiv to take revenge from Shivaay.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira Surprise the Family

The episode starts with Naira deciding to convince Kartik about her motherhood. She immediately calls the doctor and asks him to plan a baby for them according to her reports. Kartik gets upset listening to Naira.

Naira manages to make an excuse and asks him to ask the doctor himself and requests Kartik to cheer himself up. Kartik agrees and Naira decides to talk on the matter again when her reports arrive.

Naksh encourages Gayatri to move on. But Gayu again gets upset seeing happy couples all around her. Everyone is spotted enjoying family time and sharing their hidden secrets of teenage years. They get an invitation to gather in the main hall of the house from Luv and Kush.

In the meantime, Naanu receives a call and says he doesn’t want to sell his house and disconnects the call. Naanu shares the threat with Naksh and asks him to keep the matter hidden from everyone.

The Parivaar Awards begin with Kartik and Naira’s performance. Everyone is enjoying. Meanwhile, Naira misses a call from the doctor.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Shivani Suspects Prerna’s Decision

The episode starts with Prerna sleeping while thinking of him. It’s morning. Anurag is sleeping and Mohini cries recalling she has slapped him. Her tear falls on his hand and he wakes up and apologizes to her. She asks him to get ready as they need to go to Prerna’s house with haldi.

Prerna tries to talk to Veena. Veena says we don’t want you to marry Naveen and says do you still love Naveen, I have started suspecting him, don’t you? Prerna says I will always be happy with him. Shivani thinks she is marrying Naveen only to save this house. She doesn’t want us to get troubled and thinks to tell Anurag about the letter.

Rajesh welcomes Mohini and Nivedita. Anurag comes with haldi and greets Dadi. She says I remember you couldn’t stay without meeting Prerna.

Prerna comes. Anurag sees her and smiles thinking of their moment. Veena takes Prerna with her. Dadi takes Anurag with her. Mohini says Prerna is marrying Naveen, haldi will be of Naveen’s name. Veena applies haldi to Prerna. Meanwhile, Dadi asks him to marry Prerna.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Pari Disturbed About Mishti’s Behaviour

The episode starts with Pari crying while Kunal consoles and hugs her assuring her that she is the best girl. He gets a call from Ishaan. Kunal says this means Mishti knows the truth, he wonders what to say. Both his daughters have to suffer a lot because of him. He feels really guilty.

Mauli says she never wanted Mishti to know the truth, not this way at least. Kunal requests Mauli not to misunderstand him. Ishaan assures Kunal that Mauli never spoke negative of her relationship with him and suggests they must keep both girls away.

Kunal returns home and kisses her forehead and realizes Pari had fever. Suddenly, Mamma calls and tells Kunal that Mishti never misbehaved with anyone before. Kunal understands it’s not Mishti’s mistake.

Mamma is concerned for Pari and asks about her. Kunal says Pari has fever. Mamma comes to take care of Pari and Pari weakly calls Mauli Aunty while asleep. Kunal and Mamma look towards each other at her response.

At night, Mauli is asleep with Mishti. She dreams about Pari and her excitement about their friendship. The next morning Mamma says to Mauli that she called Kunal and found Pari wasn’t well.

Mauli is concerned for Pari. Mamma says Pari had an emotional set back, she cried at home and got fever; and even in her illness she murmured Mauli’s name.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Stabs Abhi

The episode starts with Aarohi stabbing Abhi and saying now I know how Deep won. You were helping him at every single step. You are one of those people who don’t deserve a pardon. He falls down.

Tara prays in the temple and is about to give Deep injection. Deep takes it from her. Tara screams and Wasu comes out. Deep says you know I can play the game back.

Abhi comes in front of Aarohi and says there are some secrets you should know and come to a baba. Abhi says this is mahaguru. He puts hand on Aarohi and says you can’t harm him. If he dies you will die too.

Abhi says this is what he told me when I showed him Deep’s kundali. Aarohi says I even accept dying to kill Deep. Abhi says what.

Deep says Aarohi I know you can’t understand what to do and texts Aarohi scared of me? She calls him. Deep says come back as Laila. Aarohi leaves to meet Deep and he comes close to her. A rope falls down and Aarohi hangs Deep. Aarohi cuts the rope and he falls down.

Aarohi says this would be your last birthday. Deep stops her and puts knife on her neck and says I won’t kill you, as you have to stay alive to celebrate my birthdays.

Kundali Bhagya: Janki Wakes up and Catches Sherlyn

The episode starts with robbers catching the guard and Prithvi running seeing this. Karan asks Preeta why she is behaving like this with her. She asks him that he cannot make her wear the mangalsutra and he apologizes to her and has a conversation with her.

The robbers are taking everything. Rishab is talking on the phone and not looking at the store. The police arrive, which angers the robbers. Prithvi runs shouting for Preeta as he is stopped by the robbers.

The robbers are threatening everyone. Sherlyn falls after hitting Janki and says that she must leave her after she is dead. Janki wakes up and catches her feet.

Karan says to Preeta that he will not come back for her and will never talk to her. To which she says that she will marry Prithvi and not come to him. He says that she is still confused and leaves and she follows him.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Sleeps in Ruksaar’s room

The episode starts with Ruksaar insisting that Kabir play with her. Zara comes there and tries to convince Ruksaar. Kabir stops her and recollects their differences over Salma’s words and how Zara blames him.

He goes to Ruksaar and tells Ruksaar a story of a good girl who turned bad because she was self-centered and selfish and avoids Zara. Ruksaar closes the door. Zara is in tears as she recollects Kabir’s harsh words. Alina sees her crying.

Kabir tells Ruksaar not to upset him as he is already upset because of Zara, and scolds Ruksaar thinking it’s Zara and further realizes it’s Ruksaar. Ruksaar tells him you are a bad person. I don’t want you. You shout at me. Kabir tries to make up to her. She gets better. She says so today who will make me sleep. Kabir or Zara. He is stuck.

Zara is upset in her room as Kabir chose to stay with Ruksaar. Ayesha goes to Ruksaar’s room and sees Ruksaar sleeping on Kabir’s lap on her bed. Ayesha gets a call from Salma and goes to meet her. Salma says I never intended to create problems between Kabir and Zara.

Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya Brings Abhi Home

The episode starts with Pragya searching for Abhi and thinking he must be worried about Kiara. Purab, Disha, and others come to the police station and ask about Abhi. Aaliya scolds the inspector for not knowing Abhi.

Abhi is drinking and walking on the road and Pragya thinks nothing shall happen to him, he shall know about Kiara and me. Pragya sees Abhi and stops her car and asks why you drink when you can’t handle.

Abhi says you have my happiness with you. Pragya makes him sit in the car and takes him to her house. Abhi talks to her about Kiara.

Pragya brings Abhi to her room and is teary eyed and takes him to Kiara. Abhi hugs her and then Pragya. He sleeps hugging Kiara. Abhi pulls Pragya’s hand. She rests on him and cries.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya must have taken Abhi to her house. Aaliya says Pragya is not like that and she would have informed us first.

Pragya sleeps beside Abhi. She recalls past with Abhi and says your dream is fulfilled, your daughter is like you. I know I am doing wrong, but we have this moment. We are on the same bed.


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