Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

 Here we offer you a complete written update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi’s Life in Danger

The episode starts with Aarohi asking Deep how did Tara come there. He tells her that she is Tara and she can come anywhere, and he thought that was a safe place.

He informs her that Tara and Virat have my mother and I can’t do anything or else they will kill her. He tells her that give me 24 hours. I will make everything all right and we will go from here.

Tara tells Virat that Deep will be mine for sure. Virat says if he doesn’t do anything he will kill him.

Deeps tells Aarohi that he wants to be a responsible father and he doesn’t know whether he will be alive or no to see his baby. He gives Aarohi a dress. She goes to change when she gets a call from Kashyap who tells her to be careful as her life is in danger.

She comes and asks Deep who is Kashyap and he tells her to ignore it and to come along with him. Aarohi calls Surekha and tells her to come and meet her. Deep tells Aarohi that he is coming and he goes out.

Surekha comes there and tells Aarohi that someone is behind this game, and they should run away from here. Aarohi goes to bring water. Deep comes and on seeing him Surekha runs away. Aarohi sees him.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Finds the Truth About Tevar and Lovely

The episode starts with Sikandar coming to know about Lovely’s truth and confronting her. Tevar finds Kullfi upset and asks her why she is so sad. She tells him that Bappa is going and she doesn’t like the feeling. He then explains to her the meaning of the festival.

Lovely faces Sikandar’s anger and he warns her from telling any further lies. Mohendar is happy to see this, and tells Bappa that Kullfi will get her real father soon. Lovely breaks down and tells Sikandar the truth about her and Tevar’s relationship and how her father played a villain in separating the two.

Kullfi keeps praising Sikandar, which hurts Tevar’s heart. She tells Tevar that Sikandar has united them and no one can separate them. Amyra wants to surprise Sikandar so she calls Tevar to take Kullfi’s help. But Kullfi won’t enter the house and thus Amyra finds Sikandar so that he can tell Kullfi to enter the house.

Sikandar tells Lovely that he understands her fears to hide her past. He asks her about Amyra, and if Tevar has said the truth about his daughter. Lovely gives a big shock to Sikandar when he comes to know that Amyra is not his daughter and is Tevar’s child. He is shattered to know this.

Lovely tells him to leave this way and he will always be Amyra’s dada. He runs to Amyra’s room. She asks Sikandar why he is crying.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Mohini Plans Her Big Move

The episode starts with Veena and Rajesh informing Prerna that the date is nearing and they have no money to repay Mohini. Prerna tells her parents not to worry and assures them that everything will be fine.

Mohini and Naveen come there. Rajesh and Veena think that they have come to talk about the money. Prerna leaves for college. Mohini informs Rajesh and Veena that Naveen wants to marry Prerna and they are shocked to hear this. Mohini tells them that Naveen is very rich and he will take care of Prerna and their expenses.

At the college, Anurag is celebrating Rose Day and he has many roses in his hand when Prerna comes and he makes fun of her and tells her that she knows so much about love then how come she is not celebrating Rose Day. They have a fun moment together.

Veena rejects the proposal brought by Mohini and tells her that whatever happens they will never sell their daughter. Mohini walks out in anger. Naveen tells her that she didn’t fulfill her promise of marrying him with her.

Veena calls the advocate and tells him to make a notice against Rajesh and his family that if he doesn’t return the money in 24 hours, they will seal their house.

The advocate is in Anurag’s house and he tells Anurag how can they do something like that, and remove somebody from their house. Before he can tell him who he is talking about, Mohini misleads Anurag.

Prerna comes home and his shocked to see Veena screaming at everyone. She asks her sister-in-law to say what has happened. She tells her everything and Prerna is shocked to hear it and feels upset over the thought of marrying Naveen. Rajesh is determines to never let his daughter get married to Naveen.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Hides Truth From Zara, Ruksaar Jealous of Kabir and Zara

The episode starts with Zara getting Kabir’s message and informing the family that he is bringing Ruksaar back safe and sound. Zeenat is the happiest and tells Zara that her dream has come true.

At the airport, the family greets Ruksaar and Kabir. Zara comes and hugs Kabir and tells him that she missed him a lot. Zeenat hugs Ruksaar and tells her that because of Zara and Kabir she is back.

Zara hugs Ruksaar and tells her that she is very happy to see her back. Ruksaar says in her mind that now she has equal rights on Kabir just like how Zara has.

At the house, everyone is celebrating, and Kabir and Zara are holding hands and standing. Ruksaar sees this and gets angry. Zeenat comes and tells Ruksaar that she should give something to the poor. Ruksaar sees Kabir and Zara going somewhere. She comes and tells Kabir that since he put his life in danger and saved her he should also do this ritual.

Zara convinces Kabir to do it. Zeenat says that now the biggest happiness will be to get Zara and Kabir married and Ruksaar is shocked to see her supporting Zara and Kabir.

Kabir and Zara have romantic and fun moments together and Kabir decides for now not to tell Zara anything and it will hurt her very much and she loves him very much and is so happy. He thinks he will find the right time to tell her when their divorce time is over.

Kundali Bhagya: Monisha’s Grappling Continues

The episode starts with Preeta and Karan fighting and having a cute moment together and Karan tells Preeta to ask her heart why she is feeling jealous. Sameer comes and takes Karan down as Rishabh is calling him.

In the room, Rakhi and Mahesh are discussing their love story when the kids come to know that their parents had a love marriage and start to tease them. Rakhi says that Dadi shouldn’t know this as she is against love marriage.

The family welcomes the guests, and Monisha has an argument with Preeta and Srishti. Preeta strictly warns Monisha that they are not going to take all these tantrums and Karan loves you and might be taking this nonsense of yours but we won’t.

Monisha goes to meet Kareena and Rakhi when Srishti makes her falls down and she blames her for it. Kareena tells Srishti not to trouble her would-be daughter-in-law.

Sherlyn comes there and starts to talk to Preeta. Srishti comes and warns her and tells her that she will make her fall the way she did with Monisha. She tells Sherlyn that since she is pregnant, she is letting her go. Sherlyn tells her that she is not pregnant.

Srishti thinks that she should make her fall then everyone will take her to the hospital and they will come to know the truth.

There Monisha kisses Karan, which makes Preeta jealous. Prithvi was impressed with Preeta’s photo. He gets a call from Monisha who curses Preeta. Prithvi notices Sherlyn was also calling him repeatedly.

He says Sherlyn must have to speak to him about something important. She must cut the call. Sherlyn is irked that Prithvi didn’t attend the call. There, Sherlyn watches Preeta busy on the phone and thinks she must surely be talking to Prithvi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi Talks to Ishita About Her Relationship Phobia

The episode starts with Ruhi asking Aaliya why she lied to Ishita when she was meeting Rohan. Aaliya is taken by surprise, but Ruhi asks her to calm down as she starts teasing her.

Aaliya though clears it and says that she is just his friend. Ishita keeps staring at Raman as he takes things back at the office. Raman says that he needs no distractions and so he wants her to go home.

Ishita gets a call from Santoshi and she leaves. Ishita and Santoshi are driving the car in the market when she bumps straight into Rohan's car. Rohan recognizes Ishita as Aaliya's mother, and he does not get angry at all.

Ishita keeps saying sorry and Rohan offers to drop them home. On the way Santoshi gets a call from the marriage bureau, and she says that she wants a good proposal for her granddaughter soon.

Rohan drops them home, and Mihika sees this and doubts Rohan’s nature. She asks Ishita doesn’t she feel that something is fishy. The family sits for dinner when the marriage broker calls to tell Ishita that a proposal has come for their daughter and that they will meet her soon.

The family is happy and tries to relax Ruhi who seems to be very disturbed. Raman tells her that she just has to casually meet the guy and they will as a family accept any of her decisions post that.

Ishita tries to talk to Ruhi later. Ruhi tells her mother that she is not over the impression the past relationships have left her with. She says that she is scared of meeting a stranger and letting him into her life.

Ishita explains Ruhi that sometimes it is good to take a leap of faith as she did when she married Raman. Ruhi tells her that she is happy in her space now. Ishita explains to her the need of love and that there will be a time she wishes for that companionship.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's Condition Becomes Critical and Kartik Refuses to Leave Her Side

The episode starts with Naira panicking over her MRI scan. She begs Kartik to not send her into the machine. Kartik somehow manages to calm her down and asks her to close her eyes and imagine things that make her happy.

Kartik tells her a story of moving into an igloo. Naira imagines herself dancing and sees Kartik with her. Later, after the test, Kartik keeps Naira busy with some games as the family waits tensely for the reports.

Naitik and Manish ask everyone to go home, but they all refuse to leave. Naitik keeps diverting Naira’s mind whenever she asks about the report. Naira falls asleep, and Suwarna walks in with Manish.

Kartik and says he is going somewhere and he will be back soon. Kartik and the family immerse themselves in prayers as they wait for Naira’s medical report. The doctors check the reports.

Kartik is handed over the report finally and he opens it. He checks it and tells the family that Naira is critical. Naira overhears this and is shattered.

Ishqbaaaz: Mohit Kidnaps Anika

The episode starts with Mohit confronting Anika for having an affair with Majnu. He says that he will expose her before Bhavya soon. Mohit announces the next morning that he has his last show this evening and he invites the family to it.

He also makes it clear that he does not want Shivaay around. Majnu aka Shivaay is standing right there and he feels sad about it. Shivaay is making a call when Anika walks up and tells him that she feels that Mohit is up to something.

Mohit’s lawyer comes and informs him that all of his wife’s money has been transferred to him and Mohit is very happy to know that. Now, he wants to put Shivaay behind bars so that he can live his life freely.

Anika goes to Mohit's room with tea, and she lands upon his wedding picture. She learns that he is married to someone else and it is not Nancy. Mohit walks up, and he tells Anika that Shivaay is innocent but still will go behind bars.

Mohit disappears with Anika. Shivaay searches for Mohit and misses seeing Anika's bracelet. Mohit takes Anika away to a secret location and makes her unconscious. Nancy is speeding away to the airport, but Shivaay finds her. Mohit welcomes everyone to his last magic show.

Bepannah: Aditya and Zoya Prepare to Get Married

The episode starts with Vatsal saving Aditya from the accident. Vatsal and Ishita meet Aditya and Zoya as Aditya introduces him as his childhood friend.

Ishita suggests that while they celebrate their wedding anniversary today, they wish to give Aditya and Zoya their well-deserved grand wedding. Harsh receives news about Aditya's car accident and Anjana freaks out.

The police suspect foul play and Anjana tells them that it has to be Wasim who is behind the incident. Harsh tells her to be careful when she is speaking and not to put such an accusation on someone. Anjana though keeps giving all the details to the police.

Harsh asks the police to investigate and not make assumptions. Arjun makes another accusation saying he heard Wasim say that he will not let Adi live peacefully.

Harsh is on alert now and asks Arjun is he sure of what he is saying. He tells the police to go and arrest Wasim. Anjana keeps trying to call Aditya.

Zoya and Aditya prepare for their wedding with Ishita and Vatsal. They celebrate in a grand event. Wasim wants Aditya dead and he asks his goon to act fast.

The police arrive at Wasim's house that time and say that they are arresting Wasim for attacking Aditya. Vatsal announces Aditya and Zoya's wedding. There Wasim and Harsh clash at the police station as Harsh accuses Wasim of kidnapping the couple as no one has been able to find them.

Roshna is inconsolable as she learns about this. During the party, Zoya notices a suspicious man walking around.

Kumkum Bhagya: Neha and Tarun See Pragya at the Farmhouse

The episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she will search for Neha and Tarun. Abhi says that it won't be easy to look for them in Delhi. She asks a shopkeeper whether he as seen a girl and boy and he says he has.

Abhi gets a call from Tanu and she asks him if Pragya is there with him, and he doesn’t answer anything and keeps the phone down and looks for Pragya. Tanu gets worried on learning that the two are together.

Tanu tells Alia she has understood why Pragya made Neha elope with Tarun so that she could come close to Abhi. Alia asks her to calm down. Tanu thanks her for her support.

Pragya calls Chachi and asks her to give the address of the farmhouse. Chachi does so. Abhi hears Pragya when she repeats the address. Pragya turns and sees Abhi close to her, standing and trying to overhear the conversation.

The two argue and Pragya challenges him that she would reach the farmhouse first. Abhi bends down to pick up the wallet. Pragya takes his car keys and drives away.

King talks to the constable who says that Pragya is very courageous and fought with an inspector for him. He says that King is very lucky to have her as his wife.

Neha and Tarun are in the farmhouse. They discuss how their respective family members are. Neha says that she doesn’t want to marry by eloping.

They are arguing and suddenly see Pragya standing there. Neha identifies Pragya.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini Is Jealous Seeing Kunal and Mauli Together

The episode starts with Mauli slipping while dancing and Kunal holding her in his arms. Nandini reaches the venue and sees them together and feels jealous. Nandini gets shattered and recalls Kunal’s promise. Meanwhile, everyone compliments Kunal and Mauli.

Chakor comes to Nandini and tells her that she is digging her own grave. Chakor adds that she grasped Nandini’s true intentions that day she saw Nandini with Kunal. Nandini gets nervous listening to her. Chakor tells her that a single person cannot be blamed.

She accepts that Nandini has gone through a lot in her life but she will have to leave Kunal and give his marriage with Mauli a chance. Sweety stops Mauli and says that she felt happy watching her and Kunal together. She wonders how Kunal could betray Mauli. She gets shocked seeing Mauli forgiving Kunal easily.

Tara says that Mauli is shameless as she is enjoying the dance with her cheater husband. Mauli tells Tara that she doesn’t want to discuss her personal life with her. Tara asks Mauli why she wants to avoid this discussion.

Nandini returns home crying. Thinking about Chakor’s questions, she thinks she cannot live without Kunal.

Mauli cries hugging Chakor who tries to comfort the former. Mauli tells Chakor that she wanted to bring happiness into Kunal’s life.

Nandini emotionally makes a confession that she has not just fallen in love with Kunal but is also losing her own self with him. Chakor promises to stay by Mauli’s side.

Dida prays to the Goddess to save her house and give love to her children. Kunal observes Mauli’s dress catching fire. Kunal runs to save Mauli. He puts the fire off and blames Virat for the mishap. Defending her brother, Tara questions Kunal how dare he blame her brother.

Tara loses her calm and blames Mauli for not realizing that her husband was cheating on her.

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