Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

Here we offer you a complete written update

MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Believes Ruksaar’s Act; Zara Doubts Her

The episode starts with Zara realizing that she made the mistake of losing Kabir by listening to Ruksaar and Zeenat.

Zeenat informs Kabir that Ruksaar is in the ICU, and Zara doesn’t want to Kabir to stay with Ruksaar. She requests Ayesha to stay with her.

Zara doubts that Ruksaar is not in a coma, and she is just acting. Zara and Kabir come to meet Ruksaar. They see her watching TV. They are now sure that Ruksaar is acting, and they decide to expose her in front of their family.

The nurse comes and informs them that the doctor has made her sit like that, but Zara still thinks that Ruksaar is acting as her eyes are moving.

Zara plans to poke a pin on Ruksaar’s hand to reveal the truth but someone or the other comes and distracts her. Zeenat comes there. Zeenat leaves with Ruksaar and the nurse. Zara decides to end Ruksaar’s drama by today.

Kabir whispers to Zara that Ruksaar doesn’t move her eyelid and that she is in a coma, but Zara doesn’t believe him and decides to expose her in order to protect Kabir.

Kabir tells in order to expose Ruksaar, he needs to put himself in danger, and Zara is reluctant but then she agrees and makes him wear a fireproof jacket.

Kabir tells Zara what the plan is, and she gets worried. He gives a lighter and burns his waist and screams that he is caught in a fire. Ruksaar doesn’t react to it, and the plan seems to fail, thus, Zara rushes to rescue him, but her dupatta gets stuck.

Kabir informs Zara that the cloth he is wearing under his waist doesn’t burn. He asks Zara to observe if Ruksaar will come to rescue him as she loves him.

Kabir then stabs a pin on Ruksaar’s hand but she doesn’t react. Zara tells him to do it once again and he refuses, telling her that Ruksaar is really in a coma.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya Dance Together at the Engagement Party

The episode starts with Abhi revealing the truth to Pragya that if he had asked Tanu to not reveal truth to King then she would have revealed it.

Tanu meets King. She recalls seeing Abhi and Pragya together. She is about to tell King the truth, but then she remembers Abhi’s words.

Tarun’s friend Akash decides that before the engagement, they can do something good and play music. King decides to dance with Pragya. Alia tells Tanu to dance with Abhi but he refuses and asks Aliya to dance with him.

King–Pragya, Abhi–Aliya, and the other couples dance. Meanwhile, Aliya gets injured as King steps on her feet. Tanu notices Abhi and Pragya looking at each other’s eyes and she decides to tell King everything in spite of the consequences.

Tanu tells Aliya that she will tell King everything, and she informs King that she couldn’t dance with Abhi as Pragya was dancing with him, but King seems fine and leaves from there.

Aliya tries to stop Tanu from revealing the truth to King as then he will misunderstand her. She tells her to wait for the right moment to do so.

Dadi likes Pragya idea of calling a joker during Tarun and Neha’s engagement. Abhi asks King to let Dadi take his side and asks if he will steal her also. In contrast, King believes in acceptance and not with the stealing ideology.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Amyra Knows the Truth About Kullfi and Sikandar’s Relation

The episode starts with Amyra and Tevar planning a surprise for Kullfi. Amyra tells Lovely that she has invited Tevar and Kullfi home. Lovely gets worried seeing Kullfi’s influence on Amyra.

Sikandar thinks that Amyra has changed for good, because of Kullfi, as she is learning good things from her. Lovely argues with Sikandar over teaching wrong things to Amyra.

Sikandar is happy to see Tevar and Kullfi coming home. He wishes to sort all problems with Kullfi. Amyra tells Tevar that she wants to gift a uniform to Kullfi. Meanwhile, Gunjan finds out that Kullfi is angry with Sikandar for a reason.

Kullfi asks Sikandar to reveal her father’s real name. Gunjan comes to know that Sikandar knows half the truth and he wants Kullfi to stay with Tevar and she wants to reveal the truth to them.

Tevar and Amyra gift Kullfi a uniform and tell her that Sikandar has gifted it to her, and Kullfi gets emotional.

Kullfi is missing her mom and wants to show her the uniform. Kullfi wishes that she passes the entrance test and will meet Satu soon.

Gunjan tries to reveal truth to Kullfi that Sikandar is her father. Meanwhile, Amyra hears the truth and gets devastated. Sikandar and Lovely find Amyra shocked.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaIra's Romance; Manish and Dadi Scared

The episode starts with Kartik and Naira using Goddess Durga to unite their family

Akhilesh praises Bhai. Meanwhile, he is unaware of the trap.

Kartik and Naira are busy organizing the Dussehra function. But Kartik doesn’t forget to give Naira her medicines on time. Meanwhile, Manish tries to convince Dadi to celebrate the festival.

Watching Naksh stressed, Kirti and Devyani ask him the cause of stress. Naksh tells them that he saw Akhilesh and Surekha in a new car with a third person and he is adamant to know who that person is.

Akhilesh tries to convince Luv and Kush to come with him to the pavilion to see Ravana burning. But Luv and Kush reject his proposal and leave. This makes Akhilesh angry.

Suhasini and Manish see a person behind Ravana’s dummy. When they ask who are you, the man replies Ravana from your inside and your past. They get shocked and the plate from Suhasini’s hand falls down and burns the curtains.

Suhasini and Manish are so traumatized that they don’t even see the fire. Kartik and Naira comes there and put the fire out. Manish says that he saw someone there, but when Kartik and Naira check, no one is there.

Suhasini gets frightened that it can be the past she tried to hide from everyone and prays it to be just a misunderstanding.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag Requests Prerna

The episode starts with Prerna facing fitting issues with the ring. Anurag helps her. He tries to get the ring out, but all in vain, Prerna informs him that Shivani had said someone else shouldn’t make a person wear a ring or else you become engaged to that person, so we got engaged. Anurag finds a solution to get the ring out.

Anurag is with Prerna in the washroom, and he is trying to remove the ring. Mohini comes to his room and calls out to him, and Anurag tells her that he is in the washroom; Prerna stops Anurag from saying anything about her. Meanwhile, Anurag and Prerna start to argue.

Navin searches for Prerna. Veena asks Shivani to search for Prerna. Prerna drops the solution and opens the tap but mistakenly turns on the shower. Anurag tries to turn it off and gets drenched. He removes the tape and frees the ring. Finally, the ring is out from her hand.

Anurag finds Navin coming towards them. He tries to defend Prerna by taking her back at the washroom.

Meanwhile, Anurag tells Prerna he won’t let her marriage happen with Navin as he knows she does not want to marry him by her wish. Prerna is devastated.

Kundali Bhagya: Rithvik Brings Rishab Home

The episode starts with everyone at the Luthra mansion to create a scene in front of Rithvik. When he gets up, they start to play according to the roles they have.

They praise Rithvik and thank him for saving Rishab. Prithvi is aware that something is happening in the house and he feels that someone has planned all this.

Rishab starts to make Rithvik fall in his trap and then says that he will make Rithvik the partner of his 7 star hotel.

Karina says to Rakhi that they must go to free Sherlyn from the room, and when they leave and finally enter the room, the room is in a bad shape and everyone there is shocked.

Sherlyn supports Prithvi and believes that something is being planned against Prithvi.

Rithvik asks Karan if the media said something to Monisha. Karan assures Rithvik that he is very protective of girls and will not let anything happen to her. She will have no harm and can live her life with the same status.

Ishqbaaaz: Anika's Life in Danger; Shivaay Scared

The episode starts with Shivaay being injured in the clash with his brothers so he searches for a first-aid box. Meanwhile, Rudra and Om recall the fight with their respective partners.

Rudra searches for Bhavya and Om searches for Gauri. Meanwhile, Om assumes Gauri can be with Bhavya, so he asks Rudra about it, but Rudra doesn’t know.

Om receives a call from Dadi but he doesn’t pick the call as the damage has been done. Shivaay convinces him to pick the call but Rudra expresses the trouble in handling the situation.

Shivaay asks him to talk and discuss the issue but Rudra does not. Meanwhile, Rudra’s hand touches the hot pot and Om and Shivaay rush to help him by keeping resentment aside. In a panic, Rudra calls Shivaay ‘Bhaiya’. Watching the incident Anika, Gauri, and Bhavya feel the bonding between the brothers.

Shivaay hears Mr. Agarwal telling Om about cancelling the deal. Meanwhile, he tells them that our company was signing the deal because it included Shivaay’s name. Meanwhile, the cancellation of the deal can destroy Om as it was their last hope.

Khanna informs Shivaay about his mother’s ill health. Meanwhile Shivaay sends the family doctor to cure his mother’s illness.

Shivaay drops Anika at Sahil’s school, as she wants to deposit the fees. Anika turns on the radio. Shivaay ask Anika to fasten her seatbelt but the seatbelt has some problem.

Shivaay recalls his past when the song ends and the RJ starts talking about the clash between the Oberoi brothers. Meanwhile, Shivaay gets terrified.

A truck comes forward. Anika tries to bring Shivaay back to his senses but unfortunately she fails to do so and Anika falls out of the car and becomes unconscious. Shivaay reaches to help her.

Watching the injured Anika, Gauri, Bhavya, Om, and Priyanka also reach to help her. Meanwhile, Rudra is left alone.

Roop Bua provokes Rudra by comparing his isolation to Tej’s isolation. Om calls the doctor. Shivaay tells Gauri that they met with a car accident.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Disappoints Raman

The episode starts with everyone coming for dinner. Ishita searches for Raman. Rohan comes up with some surprise and that surprise turns to be Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Ishita about Raman. Meanwhile, Raman reaches and joins with them for dinner.

Rohan and Aaliya express their gratitude for their respective families. Meanwhile, their parents also express love for their children.

Appa informs Ishita about Raman that he saw him at the hospital where his friend was hospitalized. Ishita reaches the hospital and asks people about Raman. She gets informed that people come here for kidney donation. Meanwhile, Ishita recalls Raman’s words and starts wondering about it.

She finds Raman with a man who praises him for helping the man’s brother-in law. Meanwhile, Ishita gets into a misunderstanding and stops him from donating his kidney. Raman clarifies he was raising funds for charity to receive blessings for Aaliya in return.

Simmi praises Aaliya and ask about her happiness in marrying Rohan.

Aaliya gets emotional by expressing love for her mother. Meanwhile, Ishita assures her that she will be loved by her mother-in-law Kaushalya. Raman assures Aaliya that her rights would remain same even after marriage. Meanwhile, Ishita praises Raman for talking with Aaliya.

Raman asks Ishita to not spoil Aaliya’s function by ending fights and misunderstandings. Ishita is worried about Raman. She wonders where he is getting money from as he talks on phone frequently.

Tina receives compliments from everyone for her work. They start the haldi ceremony. Everyone start to apply haldi to Rohan and Aaliya. Meanwhile, Raman receives a call from someone.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal Finds out About His Child

The episode starts with Nandini confirming Mauli’s pregnancy. Mauli wonders why Nandini is concerned about it. Nandini insists that Mauli answer. Meanwhile, Mauli answers that she is three months pregnant

Kunal has made preparations for Nandini’s haldi ceremony. He welcomes Nandini happily as she is soon to become Mrs. Kunal Malhotra and promises to complete all the rituals. Nandini recalls Mauli’s words and asks Kunal about it. Meanwhile, Kunal leaves in confusion and drops the thaal claiming it to be impossible.

Mamma finds Mauli is disturbed and asks her about the matter. Mauli tells Mamma that Nandini called her at temple and inquired about her pregnancy. Mamma starts wondering about it.

Kunal confirms Mauli’s pregnancy and the words spoken to Nandini. Meanwhile, Mauli turns speechless.

Mamma complains about Kunal’s lack of understanding towards his wife. She wishes to make Kunal take the responsibility towards his child. Meanwhile, Mauli lets Kunal go to Nandini.

Dida encourages Mauli to not lose hope. Mamma curses Nandini for making Mauli suffer. Meanwhile, Mauli also curses Nandini.

Mauli searches for Kunal and ask Nandini about it. Meanwhile, Nandini states she has sent Kunal at home as soon as she found out about Mauli’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Nandini promises Mamma to send Kunal back home and that his child will never live a fatherless life.


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