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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mishti Brings Kunal’s Daughter Home

The episode starts with Mishti waving towards Ishaan calling him Popsy. Some kids join Mishti, who introduces Ishaan to them. Ishaan tries to remember their names but Mishti apologizes to her friends as Popsy has a little memory loss. She claims him to be the best dad anyway.

Mishti isn’t ready to leave her friend alone and wants to wait until her parents come to pick her up. In the camp, Mishti introduces them to Pari. Pari slips while standing up and Mauli supports her.

Mauli complains to the teacher to call Pari’s father is irresponsible. Pari says that her father must not have had network or else he is the best father in the world. Meanwhile, Mauli apologizes to Pari for her said words.

Ishaan offers to take Pari to their home and shares his contact details with the guard of the camp.

At the entrance of the house, Mishti and Pari whisper into each other’s ears. Mauli senses something is going on but Ishaan intervenes and asks Mauli not to interfere in children’s matters.

Dida claims Lakshmi has reached their house. Mishti introduces Pari to Dida.

Dida speaks to Pari in her code language of short forms. Mauli asks Mishti to take Pari to her room, freshen up, and change for the pooja.

Mauli apologizes to Ishaan as Mishti embarrasses him as Popsy. Ishaan flirts with Mauli. Meanwhile, Mauli smiles.

Pari takes a photo of Kunal from her bag and claims her father as the best man. Mishti feels emotional and wishes to see Kunal’s photo.

Kundali Bhagya: Preeta Gets Sherlyn’s Reports

The episode starts with Karan expressing his hatred towards Sherlyn to Rishab. Rishab gets annoyed by him. Meanwhile, Karan is about to expose their plan.

Monisha arrives at the party to make friends. Srishti makes fun of her. After that, Monisha leaves.

Rishab and Karan come to the bar. They both are talking about how Prithvi left when they were pulling his leg. Rishab says that he doesn’t understand whether what they are doing with Sherlyn is right.

Karan talks of Monisha. Rishab notices her coming from behind and gives her a signal. Karan asks what he will do if Sherlyn’s reports come back positive. Rishab tells Karan that he will be hurt as he didn’t force her.

Sameer is amazed and jealous with Srishti and Rishab sharing romantic moments. Srishti sees Sameer and tries to call him but he leaves. Meanwhile, Rishab also leaves and when Srishti question him he claims that he didn’t want to hurt his family and Karina.

Preeta comes to the hospital and looks for Babita. The nurse informs her that the patient will be shifted to another room. Meanwhile, she gets the reports of Sherlyn and assumes that now she will go away from Rishab’s life and things will be fine.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Thinks About Pragya

The episode starts with Tanu pretending to faint in front of Abhi. Tanu tries to get closer to Abhi by holding his hand. Abhi asks her to leave his hand. Tanu tells Abhi that if it was Pragya he wouldn’t ask her to leave his hand and that the way he is treating her he has been treated by Pragya the same way.

She tells him Pragya has kept fast for King as she has kept fast for Abhi. Meanwhile, Abhi gets annoyed.

Taiji says that her friend has sent a panditayan who will make them do the puja and whatever she says comes true.

Dadi asks Abhi to help Pragya lift the chowki. Abhi lifts it thinking about Tanu’s words. Pragya looks at Abhi.

Dadi asks the panditayan to bless the good couple of the house. Meanwhile, Abhi gets upset and leaves.

Aaliya asks Tanu if she said anything to Abhi. Tanu says she showed mirror to Abhi that Pragya is not his. Meanwhile, he recalls Tanu saying that Pragya just wants King.

Tanu reveals to Aaliya that she told Abhi that Pragya kept fast for King and asked him to see the reality. Aaliya smiles. Meanwhile, Dadi hears them and her condition worsens.

Dadi calls Pragya to come with her. Aaliya and Tanu get tensed and think what Dadi wants to tell her. Meanwhile, they leave to keep a check on them.

Dadi ask Pragya whether her love for Abhi ended with divorce. Meanwhile, Pragya reveals to Dadi that a piece of paper can’t break her relation with Abhi and that their heart and soul is unbreakable. Aaliya and Tanu reach there to hear their talks.

Disha intervenes and ask them to not listen to their talks. Dadi asks Pragya to handle Abhi as Tanu told hurtful words to Abhi.

Neha asks the panditayan about the fast. The panditayan tells that nowadays, even the husbands are keeping fast for their wives. Neha assumes Tarun kept a fast for her. Mitali thinks if Tarun kept the fast then Neha will lose her state of mind.

King wonders whether his relationship with Pragya is the new beginning or the sign of something. Abhi is upset and thinks about Pragya.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara in Favor of Diwali

The episode starts with Ruksaar waking up hearing Hamdan’s name. She suddenly panics and starts throwing things. All try to stop her but Ruksaar gets jittery and faints.

The doctor checks Ruksaar. He comes to the family and says Ruksaar is out of coma but as she fainted it will take some time for recovery so until then she must be kept here.

Zara is tensed. Kabir comes to Zara. He showers her with love and affection and plans to go out with her at Zara smiles and hugs him.

Alina gives the letter to Zara. Zara sees her letter from sharia board and reads the letter. She learns she is invited in spite of resigning.

Kabir and Zara are in the car. Kabir calls the doctor to ask if Ruksaar is still sleeping? The doctor answers that Ruksaar is sleeping. Zara ask Kabir to leave the phone while driving and the two then get intimate and share romantic moments with each other.

Zara and Kabir come to sharia board. Irfan tells Zara that they need members to invest in sharia board. Kabir doesn’t agree with Irfan and tells Zara that sharia board is for Muslims and solving their problems.

Board becomes divided between them. Irfan suggest them that voting is the solution. Irfan counts votes and is astonished to see people in favour of sending gifts won by 1 vote only.

Kabir and Zara are going home. Zara makes him stop car in road and runs to kids who are celebrating Diwali. Kabir smiles at her.

Zara plays with kids and lights firecrackers. Kids are enjoying with Zara. Zara tells Kabir that there is no identity in these kids. They are just happy.

Kabir admires Zara. Zara and Kabir reach home. Meanwhile, Reema and Zara start to celebrate Diwali.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kullfi Fails to Meet Her Uncle

The episode starts with Sikandar wishing that Kullfi doesn’t meet her uncle. He wishes that she studies well and works hard.

Kullfi reminds the promise to Tevar of taking her to Chirauli. Sikandar doesn’t want Kullfi to learn the big truth that her father is a fraud. Tevar tells Kullfi about the flight issues and promises her to take some other day. Meanwhile, Kullfi gets upset with him for not keeping his promise.

Amyra informs Lovely about Sikandar’s happiness on Kullfi’s admission news. She tells her that Kullfi was rushing to the village to meet her uncle, but she missed the flight. Lovely also fears that Kullfi can know the truth about Sikandar.

Lovely asks Sikandar to convince Kullfi to not visit her uncle. He tells her that Kullfi doesn’t listen to him now. She asks him to think about Amyra. She asks him to stop Tevar from taking Kullfi to Chirauli. Meanwhile, Sikandar learns that Kullfi has already left for Chirauli with Tevar.

Kullfi fears that Tevar will break down when he knows he isn’t her real dad. Sikandar wishes Kullfi and Amyra to be away from this suffering.

Kullfi comes to meet Sattu. Kullfi gets happy to return to the village. Tevar tells everyone that he is Kullfi’s father. The villagers don’t believe it. Kullfi misses to meet her family. She doesn’t know where did they go suddenly. She wanted to surprise them. Chadda assures Lovely that Sikandar will never go against them. He is sure that truth will be concealed. He promises Lovely that he will throw out Tevar from her life.

Sikandar feels lonely without Mohendar and wishes Mohendar was here to share his grief.

Tevar consoles Kullfi when she gets eager to meet her family. Tevar tells her that he knows her relatives. Kullfi gets determined to find her real father.

Amyra asks Sikandar to come with them for Diwali shopping. He stays disturbed because of Kullfi. He promises Amyra that he will be with her always.

Lovely asks her not to bother her dad and asks Amyra not to waste time after Sikandar. Sikandar feels bad that he is hurting Amyra’s heart. Meanwhile, Kullfi returns to Sikandar with her questions.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay’s New Drama With Nani

The episode starts with Aruna entering Oberoi mansion. Shivaay is happy to meet his Nani. Aruna asks Shivaay about Anika. Anika introduces herself to Aruna as Shivaay’s wife. Aruna can’t believe Anika’s words and again asks Shivaay who’s she? Shivaay remains silent.

Anika requests Shivaay to break his silence and tell Nani the truth. When Shivaay remains silent to Aruna she tells him that she promised Twinkle’s grandfather Girdhar to make her her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Om questions if she has already fixed Shivaay’s marriage.

Aruna reveals he fixed it in his childhood. Dadi tells Aruna that Shivaay is already married to Anika. Aruna refuses to listen to Dadi.

Aruna tells Dadi that now she will make him marry Twinkle. Priyanka asks Nani who is this Twinkle? A Punjabi girl enters and introduces herself as Twinkle Khurana from Chandigarh. She greets Aruna and Dadi and moves ahead to touch Shivaay’s feet. But Shivaay stops her.

Aruna starts appreciating Twinkle for her friendly nature. Meanwhile, Gauri asks Shivaay to tell Aruna that Anika is his wife. Shivaay tells that Anika is his wife but he never accepted her as his wife.

Aruna assures Shivaay that she will explain everything to Twinkle.

Shivaay comes to his room and sees Anika packing her bag. Shivaay again refuses to accept his marriage with Anika. Anika tells Shivaay that she knows this is all his drama to convince her.

Shivaay tries to convince Anika that this isn’t any drama but Anika isn’t ready to believe him and asks him to plan something better.

Just as Anika goes out Twinkle enters and starts appreciating Anika. Shivaay goes to Nani.

Nani asks Shivaay the cause of his disappointment. Shivaay tells her how hard this drama is for him but for her happiness he has to separate her from himself. It hurts but he has to do this for Anika.

A man comes to Oberoi mansion and demands money from Rudra. Rudra demands an amount of 50 lakhs from Shivaay but refuses to tell him the cause. Shivaay refuses to give the money without getting details. This leads to a heated argument between them.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Akhilesh Blames Kartik

The episode starts with Akhilesh having the needed money and being excited to sign his first independent deal. Samarth encourages him

Kartik sees some papers in Akhilesh’s hands and asks him if he’s investing in something. Akhilesh remembers when Samarth warned him not to involve Kartik.

Samarth enjoys the clash between Akhilesh and KaIra. Samarth expresses his fake concern for KaIra’s relation with Akhilesh.

Kartik and Naira suspect that someone is instigating Akhilesh. Naira expresses her doubt over Samarth.

They reconsider the circumstances and Dadi and Manish’s worry and speculate that Samarth is provoking Akhilesh against them. They decide to know the reason of Samarth’s growing relation with Akhilesh. Just as they turn, they find Samarth standing at the door. They think that Samarth listened to their talk.

Kartik and Naira comes to know that tomorrow is Karva Chauth. Naira remembers that she vowed to fast on Karva Chauth if she remembers Kartik after the surgery. She decides to keep the fast without telling anyone.

Kartik sees Akhilesh’s file kept near the lamp and thinks it may spoil the file. He picks the file but some papers slip out of it. He starts assembling the papers. At the same moment, Akhilesh comes there with Samarth and sees Kartik with the papers.

Kartik simply assembles the file and leaves. But Akhilesh doubts that Kartik can be checking the file. Some consultants come for Akhilesh’s investment. But the investment bonds are missing from his bag. Samarth turns Akhilesh’s doubts towards Kartik.

Naira is excited about her first Karva Chauth. Kartik suspects something up in Naira’s mind. Akhilesh goes to Kartik and asks for his bonds. He finds the bonds in the medicine box. Meanwhile, everyone get shocked to see the papers in their room.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Gets Arrested and Saves Raman

The episode starts with the astonishing reaction of the ladies who fasted for Karva Chauth.

Ishita goes to see and finds a heavy suitcase. She touches it. She switches on the light of the car and finds blood in her hand. She checks herself if she got injured and then remembers about the suitcase in the dicky.

Ishita gets scared and tensed. She gets back to the car and drives. She cries a lot while driving and tells to herself that she knew something was wrong as Raman got involved with Vijender. She gets worried.

She stops the car in a place and opens the dicky. She hesitates to open the bag. But as she opens it she finds dead bodies of the couple who ran away from their house for marrying each other. She cannot understand how the bodies came into Raman’s car. She hurriedly gets back to the car.

Raman gets a call from Vijender. Vijender tells him that he has good news for Raman. He tells Raman that he’s sending him the address where the bags have to be delivered.

Vijender threatens Raman of telling everyone that Raman has a debt of a huge amount. Raman asks Vijender about the materials inside the bag. But Vijender hangs up the call. Ishita cries and decides to go home and tell Raman everything.

Raman doesn’t find his car keys. Mr. Bhalla tells him that Ishita has taken the car to bring the flowers.

Raman asks Ishita why she has taken his car. He asks her to give him the car keys. Ishita shouts at him for going to meet Vijender. She cries and tells him that Vijender has done a blunder with him.

Ishita warns him that Vijender is trying to frame him for a crime. Raman is not ready to listen to her and asks her to give the keys.

Ishita tries to show him what’s in the car and Raman asks her to stop being so dramatic. In the meantime, the police reach the spot. Ishita gets terrified and closes the car.

The police want Raman’s car to search. Ishita nervously tells them that there are only flower bags in their car. Sudha asks the police to search the dicky of the car.

Sudha tells the officer that she knew the bodies are inside the car. Raman gets surprised to hear that there are dead bodies inside the car. The police try to arrest Raman.

Seeing things going against Raman, Ishita tells the police to stop and that she will make the confession. She shows the officer her hand full of blood and confesses them that she has done the murder. She claims of being the owner of the car.

Ishita asks Raman if he knows what is inside the bags. Ishita tells them the details of the bag and about the couple too.

Sudha asks the officer to arrest Ishita. Ishita asks Raman to hide this from everyone in the family as this is about their daughter’s life. She asks Raman to shut up and think of Ruhi and Aliya before taking any wrong step.

Ishita surrenders herself. Raman tries to stop the police from taking Ishita. The officer asks Raman to come to talk in the police station. Raman becomes helpless.

Ishita is taken for the inquiry. The officer asks her why she has done the murders as she himself came to the police station to file a missing complaint against the couple. Ishita keeps silent.

The police officer asks Ishita if she’s trying to protect anyone. Raman tells the officer that she’s trying to protect him. Raman is taken out by other police. Ishita stays numb.


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