Exclusive! Gauahar Khan talks about Shikhsa Mandal and school nostalgia, says,”I was a typical teacher's pet. I was very competitive and I wanted to give all the answers”! Read more!

TellyChakkar got in touch with the actor  Gauahar Khan to talk about her recently released series, ‘Shiksha Mandal’. 

Exclusive! Gauahar Khan talks about Shikhsa Mandal and school nostalgia, says,”I was a typical teacher's pet. I was very competi

MUMBAI : Gauahar Khan is one of the most talented actors in the entertainment space right now. She made her Bollywood debut with Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year in 2009. She appeared in multiple films after that. Gauahar rose to popularity when she entered the Bigg Boss season 7 and she went on to become the winner of the show. 

Since then, she has gone to do many fantastic series and movies like Parchhayee, Taandav, Bestseller, and Salt City. And now Gauahar will be seen playing the role of a tough cop who will uncover the truth of the medical exam scam in India. 

The series is called Shiksha Mandal and features Gulshan Devaiah and Pawan Malhotra in pivotal roles as well.

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TellyChakkar got in touch with the actress to talk about her upcoming series, her favorite school memories, and her experience working with her co-stars.

Since this story revolves around education and school, fans are curious to know what kind of a student you were.

I was a total geek, I wanted to be every teacher's favorite. I was a typical teacher's pet. I was very competitive and I wanted to give all the answers. I was even an activity minister in school, and a discipline minister at the same time. I used to manage my extracurriculars and my studies very well. I was an A-plus student. I wanted to impress everyone and I wanted to excel in everything. 

Shooting in schools and educational institutes brings about a feeling of nostalgia. Did you reminisce about the good old days?

I definitely felt nostalgic about my own school life but also there is an incident where my sister, Nigaar used to take tuition of small kids, and one day she fell sick and she put me in charge to just supervise them, I must have been in 7th standard my self but when I saw the handwritings of these children, I thought they were not neat. So I made these 4th Standard students practice their ABC's in cursive and the next day their parents came in and scolded my sister and Nigaar just told me that I could never be a teacher and it was hysterical. 

What was your first impression of your co-stars, since you all shoot some really intense scenes together? Were there any fun moments that happened?

Gulshan has only made us laugh with his antics , with his songs and weird things he would say in the middle of these intense scenes. I would be all serious and holding this gun and ready to investigate and he would say the most random things and i would just burst out laughing. With Pawan Sir, actually we did not have a lot of one-on-one personal interactions. We mostly had action scenes and that too from afar. And I would observe him with such distinction. Pawan sir loves his tea, I remember we were shooting somewhere deep in the woods with all this muck and he found his tea anyway and just stood there content with his tea and I was amazed at how humble and content he was. 

Shiksha Mandal also stars actors Gulshan Devaiah and Pavan Raj Malhotra. Gulshan, who is known for playing notable roles in Shaitan, Hate Story, and Hunterrr, is playing a young hard-working man, who is a teacher and runs a coaching institute.

On the other hand, veteran actor Pavan Raj Malhotra is playing an antagonist in the series. 

Are you excited to watch the show? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for more updates!

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