Here's How You Can Lead A Healthy Lifestyle Like Celebrities

Here's How You Can Lead A Healthy Lifestyle Like Celebrities

MUMBAI: We all believe that leading a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort! But have you ever wondered how the super busy actors get time to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Of course, we all know they have hectic schedules. Well! The only secret is to change essential habits with healthy habits. 

We all want to have flawless skin and hair like celebrities, but we hardly follow a strict lifestyle. So here we have brought some unbeatable tips by Dr Anjum Shaikh, Founder and owner of Anjum's Diet. You can also lead a healthy lifestyle like celebrities by following her tips: 

Let us tell you that Shaikh has helped several celebrities to achieve a fit body and healthy lifestyle over the years! Shaikh believes that a proper diet is also crucial to staying fit and exercising. With small changes in your diet, you can stay fit.

In a chit-chat session with TellyChakkar, the celebrity dietician Anjum Shaikh shared some tips to lead a healthy lifestyle like the TV actors. 

Scroll down and have a look at some amazing tips to stay healthy, like your favourite actors.

● Eat 5 To 6 Times A Day

Although there's no research to back up this point, taking five to six small meals in a day is comparatively better than having a full-pack meal. By eating small amounts several times, the rate of metabolism increases, and blood sugar level also remains stable. The most significant advantage of adopting this method of eating is that you avoid overeating. Since you keep eating little by little every two hours, you do not feel so hungry that the food becomes excessive.

●  Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking 7 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day not only keeps your body hydrated but also helps in the removal of unnecessary and toxic elements from the body and makes your stomach feel full. It also avoids false hunger (often, we feel hungry when we do not drink water). Top of all, drinking plenty of water keeps your skin looking radiant. 

"People give a lot of importance to what they eat, but they often forget that the most important nutrient is water. No matter what protein or dietary supplement you're having, it is all wasted if you're not taking enough water," added Shaikh. 

● Eat Healthy Snacks & Start With Baby Steps

What we eat when we are hungry between two meals is a major deciding factor of how fit we are. If you eat pakora, burgers, or other junk foods as a snack when you are hungry between two meals, you will be far behind in the fitness index. Instead, eat boiled gram, dry fruits, and sprouts as snacks. And most importantly, you cannot bring these changes over the night. Instead, you should start with baby steps. 

● Include Vegetables In The Diet

If you want to stay fit, you should make friends with vegetables without delay. Most vegetables are low in fat and calories. Not only this, but vegetables are also a good source of nutrients, fibre, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

● Follow A Lean Protein And Complex Carbohydrate Diet 

If you have the right balance of lean protein and complex carbohydrates in your diet, the process of fat conversion slows down. For those who want to lose weight or keep it under control, this combination proves to be excellent. It also balances the level of blood sugar. 

● Eat Fresh Fruit one fruit mandatory. 

Eat fresh fruits; they contain a good amount of protein, vitamins, and fibre. In addition, eating fruits regularly keeps the immune system better. You can take good advantage of eating fruits by including seasonal fruits in your diet. Highlighting one habit of Indians, Anjum said, "most Indians buy fruits in large amounts, eat them in two to three days and then don't eat fruits for next three-four days. However, we should follow a pattern of one fruit each day. 

● Include Fats In Meals

This common belief that is eating fats is not healthy needs to be changed. Not all fats are harmful to health. The truth is that some fats are essential for weight loss. Omega-3s are vital for your body to function correctly. Due to its consumption, there is no fat accumulation in the body.


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