How to Get Toned Arms Like Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood Celebrities

MUMBAI: Everyone gets a little jealous seeing the toned arms of Bollywood celebrities. Not bulky, buttoned enough to see muscle definition; that is everyone's dream and the reason you're reading this article. Maybe you wish you had better-toned arms, or you have tried your best, and it still didn't work out. If you are the former, congratulations on your first step in your fitness journey, and if you're the latter, it is time to rethink from the ground level and make amends. 

This article will talk about getting toned arms like Bollywood actresses and celebrities and discuss some of the do's and don'ts while in the gym for your workout. Keep reading to find tips and advice by professional trainers on how to get toned arms for yourselves.

Plan Your Workout Sessions

If you are planning to build toned arms, the chances are that you have thought of going to find the biggest dumbbell and focus on curls all day long. Not only is it bad for you, but it can also actually give different results than you wanted. You can research online to create a workout session or seek the help of a professional trainer to guide you. 

It is always better to start your workout routine with exercises that benefit multiple joints and muscles than dedicated muscle workouts. Exercises with weights will have the most impact on your body, so make sure that you are not exhausted before the workout as it can provide you with sloppy results. 

Don't Swing During Reps

It doesn't matter how much time you spend in the gym or how many reps you have put in every day if you don't give it your best shot every time. It is easy to cheat during weight training. In the middle of the rep, when you are tired and can't go on, you tend to swing the weights, putting more pressure on your shoulders than on your muscles. This may be the reason that you can't tend to get perfectly toned arms. 
Know that it will take some effort, and you have to put your best efforts into all your reps. If you can't seem to go on further, it is better to drop the weights and take a rest than to swing the weights a couple more times, for name's sake. 

Mix It Up

Be it in training or life, and a monotonous routine is not advised. While working out for toned arms, you don't have to and should not only focus on your biceps as it can harm the intensity of the workout. Going all-in for the first session of dedicated workouts will render the muscles sore and unable to continue with the rest of the exercises. 

It is recommended to mix your workout and plan exercises so that the targeted muscle group gets enough rest before you begin another exercise focusing on the same set of muscles. This diversification in your sets will give you more time in the gym and the best cooldown time between sets. 

Plan Your Diet

This is a no-brainer. Having a proper diet is just as important as the hours you put in the gym. You have to control what's going inside your stomach and eat healthy to have toned arms. Stay off junk foods and other unhealthy practices. 

If you put in the gym every day but continue to eat unhealthy food and inadequate quantities, you may end stronger, but you won't achieve the muscle definition you desire. 
Proteins are going to be your best friends during diet planning. Proteins are responsible for muscle definition, and you should eat large amounts of food containing proteins. If not, try to load up on healthy vegetables and healthy fats, with minimum food preservatives. 

Train for Thicker Biceps

When you want perfect arms, you are going to need to balance the workouts according to it. Most people tend to focus on the long head biceps workouts to build larger biceps peak so that you can see faster results. However, this makes your arm look thinner in proportion and gives more of a skeletal look rather than toned arms. 

It is equally important to focus and train your biceps' short head. This gives you a healthy balance between developing both muscle groups and will give you perfectly toned thick arms. So always do some short head biceps exercises for the best results.

Slow Down Each Reps

Workouts are not desirable, even though the result is. So, it is normal for people, especially beginners, to try and finish the workout sessions as fast as possible by speedrunning through each set. Completing quick reps will yield poor results for you and will contribute little to your body's overall strength. Avoid this at all costs. 

Ideally, you should space out each contraction with 1-2 second intervals to put in enough resistance and guarantee better time under tension on your workout. If you cannot hold each contraction long enough, you may consider leveling down the weights used. 

Focus on Overall Fat Reduction

You want to show off the toned arms, but it's not going to happen if there is fat around it. Cutting down weight is an essential factor while aiming for well-toned arms. However, don't focus on fat reduction on specialized muscles. It is nearly impossible to target fat reduction. 

Your weight and the excess fats are stored in your body as fuel reserves and are spread uniformly in your body. Therefore, fat can't be reduced at a dedicated spot. You have to focus on reducing weight as a whole by reducing calorie intake and burning excess calories through exercise. The faster you burn through your fat, the faster you can see the muscle definition and the less effort you have to put in to get perfectly toned arms. 

Final Thoughts

Toned arms are desired by many but are hard to achieve. One has to dedicate their workout routine and eating habits to develop muscle definition and lose excess weight. When you are in the gym, focus on quality over quantity. You have to put your best efforts into getting the best out of your invested time during each session. 

This article has discussed some of the best advice to get toned arms for your body. We have also covered some common mistakes beginners tend to make in the gym while aiming for muscle definition and yet getting poor results. 

Finally, body shapes differ from person to person, and it's fine. Toned arms may come naturally with a little exercise for some people but may take longer for others. Know your body's capabilities and limitations and act accordingly. Always remember to take enough rest to let the body rejuvenate and the muscles build up. Take care of your health and allow enough time for your sleep every day. A good night's sleep will do wonders for you mentally and physically and help you achieve toned arms faster.


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