Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan: Woah! Pakhi learns about Jugnu’s problem, plans to escape

Agastya leaves the room and tells Jugnu to take care of Pakhi as he is going out to buy some clothes for her.

MUMBAI: Owing to its intriguing and gripping plot, Colors TV's new serial Fanaa - Ishq Mein Marjawan is gaining a lot of attention. Zain Imam and Reem Shaikh play Agastaya and Pakhi, respectively, while Akshit Sukhija plays Pakhi's love interest, Ishan.

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Earlier, Agastya saves Pakhi from the police and takes her to a secret location in Haryana where he has an ancestral house that no one knows about. He ties Pakhi and brings food for her. However, Pakhi throws away the food.

Agastya, on seeing this reaction, first tries to explain everything calmly, but when Pakhi doesn’t understand, he is filled with rage and starts recalling everything that he has done for her.

He tells Pakhi about how he waited for 16 years and gave so much love to her. He later takes out a box that has all his old belongings and toys.

It was revealed that these were all the things that Pakhi had given to him when they were kids. Here, the childhood connection between Agastya and Pakhi was revealed.

It was shown that when Agastya was a kid, he was admitted to a hospital, but his wounds disgusted the doctors and other people around. On the other hand, Pakhi’s father used to work at the same hospital and Pakhi would also go to the hospital along with him. So while Agastya was in pain and no one would treat him, Pakhi saw him and played with him everyday.

Pakhi used to take care of him and spend a lot of time with him. Agastya used to feel nice around her.

When Pakhi says that she only met Agastya 5 years ago, he reveals this truth and tells her this story. Pakhi learns that Agastya’s love for her is not 5 but 16 years old.

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi puts up an act. She sheds fake tears in front of Agastya, complaining to him about her living situation. She says that she doesn’t even have fresh clothes to wear.

Agastya is tense and later informs her that he is going out to buy some clothes for her.

Agastya leaves the room and tells Jugnu to take care of Pakhi as he is going out to buy some clothes for Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Pakhi gets up and walk towards the door. Agastya gives a key to Jugnu.

He tells Jugnu to not misplace the key as he has a problem of forgetting things.

Pakhi overhears this and learns about Jugnu’s problem.

During the conversation, it’ll be revealed that the key that Agastya has given to Jugnu is for the chain that has been used to tie Pakhi.

Pakhi listens to the conversation and starts thinking about ways to escape.

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Will Pakhi be able to run away from Agastya?

Will Pakhi be able to escape?

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