Dream Girl 2 actress Anusha Mishra: We need to talk about mental issues a lot more

Anusha Mishra

MUMBAI: Actress Anusha Mishra, who made her debut with the show Tera Kya Hoga Alia? and is currently seen in Dream Girl 2, says that mental health awareness needs to be brought out in the open. She says that by publicly talking about our issues, we may actually be helping someone else figure out theirs as well.

“I think we are not talking enough. But also, when I say we are not talking enough, I mean we also don't have enough mental health professionals that are affordable. Like, I remember I figured out that I was depressed after hearing Deepika Padukone talk about it. And I researched and I went to therapy and I still go to therapy. And it's important to figure out who you are and how you're feeling. And if talking about your state of mine can help even one person figure out theirs, then you've done something good because you've probably helped one life. There are so many mental health issues, I myself suffer from ADHD and anxiety; unfortunately, I haven't gotten on medication yet. But despite having all of these things, I am still trying to make a career, have a social life, and try to do my best at home and outside. I don't think people are talking about these things enough. I think there needs to be more open conversation with professionals on a bigger stage with people that are suffering with multiple mental health issues. And I do think that we need to reach as many people as possible with the help of a psychiatrist or a psychologist, just to help get some clarity for people who cry in their rooms, alone, wondering what's wrong but having no clue! You know what I mean? I think we need to talk about it a lot more and we need to start at the level of just basic knowledge of what feelings are,” she says.

She adds, “If you've watched the movie 'Inside Out', it's a film about emotions. If this movie is shown to kids in schools and we have like one seminar a month or in a few months with a Mental Health professional, to discuss what mental issues are and how psychology works and these basic things, then maybe the adults they will one day grow up to be, would not suffer as greatly as the adults are suffering in the world right now. We need to talk about it a lot, lot more.”

In the fast pace of life and technology no one is slowing down, and that is natural, she says, adding, “I wouldn't blame fast life and technology for people not slowing down. Capitalism is the reason why human beings are choosing to not slow down and then suffer with their health and lose their lives or relationships or work or whatever else. If you don't stop yourself, your body will, nature will, and that's what happens. We do need to kind of take a step back and give some time to our health and life. Capitalism has a huge hand in ensuring that people don't slow down, because if you don't work for a week, you will lose pay for seven days or five days and no one's going to come and give you that money. But you have to pay rent, bills, cook, car EMI's, travel, that is the reason why we are unable to slow down. Like, just think about it - the house that cost 20 lakhs back in 2002 costs crores today, that's all capitalism. Because of this, I don't think I'm going to be able to slow down anytime soon, but I should, to give some time to my health."

Ask her what is her biggest goal, and she says, “My biggest goal that I want to achieve is that I want to be the hero in my own film. When I say my own film, I mean she needs to be the hero of her own story instead of being the side character in someone else's. She needs to be the main character and not just one, but in many films. So that is my biggest goal right now. And also with that I need to and want to open my own marketing agency and also I want to open or just help kids with education and pay for someone's education. So these are my big three goals right now.”


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