Exclusive! “I feel that the X-factor in any actor is that he can do justice to any type of role”, Casting director Tanishk Batra talks about his casting process, his journey, and more

Casting directors are crucial in fostering new talent and discovering the ideal actor for a role. Through their talent and efforts, several casting directors have attained success in this industry.
Tanishk Batra

MUMBAI :Television has always been the grandest of mediums and the audience's preferred source of entertainment. The entertainment industry has evolved dramatically over the years.
Actors, actresses, casting directors, producers, directors, and everyone else collaborate to create a successful project.

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Casting directors are crucial in fostering new talent and discovering the ideal actor for a role. Through their talent and effort, several casting directors have attained success in this industry.

One such up-and-coming casting director is Tanishk Batra, he has been crucial in casting for projects like, Mission Laila and has many such interesting projects in the lineup.

TellyChakkar got in touch with the casting director to speak about his journey and advice to upcoming artists and more.
How did you start your journey? What has it been like?

I started my journey 2.5 years ago, as a casting director, basically, I put up in Delhi subhash nagar, and after my schooling was completed I  wanted to pursue my career in the acting line, but due to funding issues, I  had to look after myself and ended up being a casting director.

What is your casting process like? And what do you think is the X-factor in actors that you look for?

Our casting process is very different as we do respect the words of artists and the one giving us the work, so we maintain a good relationship between both sides. One needs a mentor when you are starting out in this industry and my mentor who helped me in improvising my work and giving me the right guidance is Shiv Yadav. As a casting director, I feel that an  X-factor in any actor is when he/she can do justice to any type of role and can mold into any specific character. One should be down-to-earth and an inspiration to many.

What advice would you give to budding actors and casting directors?

An advice I would always love to give to my budding actors and casting directors that never to outshine someone's light purposefully if you are capable to be in the eyes of people, they will spot you automatically, and be poised, under pressure because that's the one thing you will always look up for by people. Secondly, to all the actors out there I feel like they should be always prepared for their characters at the time of the shoot, low enthusiasm steals thè attraction from the eyes of people and as a casting director I feel that a budding casting director, should always provide proper and detailed information and should always look up to their words. They should never deny the fact or details they have given as a casting director to the actor. Because it ruins thệ reputation and relationship between thệ actors and the casting team.

Taniskh has been the casting director for projects like Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana, Parlok, Mission Laila, and more.

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for more updates!

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