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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Naagin Season 3: Bela Is Moved Seeing Mahir’s Selfless Love

The episode starts with Vish saying she is innocent and telling ACP that he and she can be good friends. Vish thinks that she would have killed ACP if Bela had not given her a promise. Pavitra forces Bela to show her hand, but Bela tries to avoid it and says that she believes in some superstitions thing. But Anu says that now everyone will know that she is not a human and a snake. Andy says that she is hiding something from everyone.

Bela’s skin gets scaly. She takes the medicine and thinks of Naag Guru’s words. Mahir gets some clothes for Bela, she asks him why he takes so much care of her when she is so mean to him, he tells her that he knows why she is angry and he can do anything for her happiness.

She apologizes to him and hugs him. Bela has a dream where she sees that while hugging Mahir she has hurt his neck and he fell down unconscious. Then Mahir asks her if she is fine she says yes, she goes from there. Bela wonders why she is unable to kill Mahir who killed her love; she remembers what her mom told her to take care of the Naag mani and Naag Guru telling her to find it.

Bela is about to faint because of the poison increasing in her body, Mahir takes her to the couch and tells her not to worry and he knows that she is carrying the baby of Yuvi but he will take care of it as his own. He says he will call the doctor, she says not to do that.

Bells tells him to get a saree for her, Mahir goes and gets it and helps her in wearing it. She starts to cry and he tells her not to cry and says that he is sorry for helping in making her wear it. Bela hugs him and asks for forgiveness. Mahir also tells her that she can kill him slowly and take revenge.

Mahir starts to feel weak, Bela also faints, and he tries to call his mother, then Mahir falls down from the stairs. Everyone rushes to him.

ACP wears a spy camera on his shirt, and Vish thinks that he is behind Bela and tries to call her but she is in an unconscious state. She gains consciousness, goes to the room, and sees Mahir’s watch fallen down. She recalls her marriage and the moments she had with him.

She says eclipse has started and I have to search for Naag mani, and she hears Mahir’s mother telling her son to wake up, she thinks she has killed Mahir, the doctor comes there and says that his condition is worsening as there is poison in his body, and they all wonder from where it came. The doctor says we have to admit him in ICU. Bela thinks she killed Mahir and thinks of the moments spent with him.

Vish calls Bela and says that she might find difficult to take revenge. Bela says I have killed Mahir. Vish asks how and when? Bela ends the call.

Kundali Bhagya (Maha Episode): Karan and Preeta Are in the Party

The episode starts with Manisha walking with Karan thinking that he will do something really bad with him that will end his career, which will make Prithvi proud. Prithvi is seeing all this and tells that the girl is definitely going to make our plan become successful and Karan and Rishab will not be able to face the world.

Sherlyn says that she will teach Preeta a lesson, Prithvi says not to involve Preeta in everything. Sherlyn thinks that he is taking Preeta’s side quite a lot and tells him to stop it or else she will take revenge from Preeta. Sherlyn says she should keep Preeta away from Prithvi.

Karan and Manisha are on their way to his room and she thinks that her plan is going to be successful soon, but Karan sees Preeta and leaves Manisha and goes to meet Preeta. They both are amazed to see each other, he asks her what she is doing here and she also asks him the same. He tells her that he has come here to divert his mind, she says she has also come for the same and plus because she is working here.

Karan asks her if she would ever come back to his house, she says that she would love to come, but she can forget everything but not take her mom’s insult and that’s why she is on the new job now, he tells her that he is very proud of her as she kept her family first.

Manisha calls Prithvi and tells him that the plan has failed as she was about to take him to the room when he saw some girl named Preeta and he went to talk to her, Prithvi on knowing this tells her to cancel the plan and come back, but Sherlyn convinces her and tells her to finish the mission and come.

Prithvi and Sherlyn are fighting and Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he wants the plan to be called off and he doesn’t want anything to happen to them, he leaves and Sherlyn asks him where you are going he says I am going to the party to help Manisha and complete our mission and show you that I am not scared of Preeta.

Karan and Preeta are having a lovely dance and talking and remembering some funny moments from their good old friendship days, Sameer sees all this and says that he will call Srishti and tell her everything.

Sameer calls Srishti and she thinks that he has called to tell his feelings, but no, he had called to tell her about Preeta and Karan. She is heartbroken and says that now she will not talk to him until he calls her.

Prithvi tells Manisha that she is useless as she couldn’t complete the mission they have a heated argument and she tells him the plan was going to be successful but then Preeta came and spoiled everything. Manisha sees Sherlyn standing behind them and greets her, Prithvi turns back and is shocked to see her.

Qayamat Ki Raat: Raj to Marry Karuna

The episode starts with everyone being very worried for Karuna. They all are discussing to who will marry her. Raj comes ahead and says that he will marry her. Everyone is shocked. Gauri tells Raj what are you saying, Dharam tells her that she shouldn’t say anything now as then they won’t be able to expose Karuna.

Gauri comes to Raj and asks him why he is marrying Karuna. He tells her that her sister is going to kill herself. She tells him that she is already dead, he tells her to stop cooking up stories.

Karuna asks Raj that he likes Gauri then why is he marrying her, he tells her that there was nothing between them and he is marrying her out of his own will.

Kalasur comes there and tells that Raj will become Karuna’s and Gauri will become his. He tells the dark women to make this wedding happen as then he and Gauri will become one. Dharam tells Gauri we have to expose Karuna, she tells him that first, she needs to find out how this is all is related to her.

Damini vouches that she will make this wedding happen, and the pandit tells her that tomorrow’s date is perfect, and they can do the engagement today.

Roma tells Raj to think again, he says he wants to marry her with his will, Gauri hears this and tells that this is not Raj and Karuna’s magic. Gauri comes to Raj and says that she needs to end this game or Karuna will ruin everything.

Kalasur tells Karuna that she is dead, and she can’t wear a bridal dress. She says that she is alive for others. She tells him to wait for just twenty-four hours and then Gauri will become his forever.

The ceremony starts and Karuna tells Raj that she is going to marry the person she likes. Gauri sees Damini going to towards the jungle with a bag she follows her and sees her giving it someone. Gauri comes there; Damini asks her what she is doing here.

Karuna is worried that how she will sit for the pooja, she pretends to faint and then Dharam says that he will bring some water to sprinkle on her, he goes and bring the water from the temple.

Damini tells her that Vikas has lost some money in a gamble so I came to give him this money. As she is talking some people come and kidnap Gauri, Damini comes running home and tells everyone to save Gauri, she tells them everything. Raj runs out to save her.

India's Best Dramebaaz

The episode starts with Shantanu telling Vivek Oberoi that he will apologize to Huma Qureshi, who stormed out of the show. Sometime later, she comes back and the judges start laughing, and then Shantanu realizes that he was pranked.

He starts the show by greeting everyone to the 71st Independence Day celebrations. The Dancing Superstars rock the stage with a medley performance.

The first to perform are Inaayat, Snigdha, and Dancing Superstar Maasum. They give an amazing and fun performance. Maasum teaches Vivek and Omung some of her flexible moves. Shantanu too tries his luck, and Huma promises him a coffee date if he performs well.

They perform to Badri Ki Dulhaniya as the kids join them onstage. The next to perform are Soham, Jyot, and Dancing Superstar Tanay.

Vivek commends Jyot for his performance at this age. Kartikeya Raj from the previous season comes next with Dipali and Harsh. They do a fun take on Karan–Arjun.

Shantanu shows a clip of when Harsh met Kartikeya, leaving Harsh in tears as the little one says he follows Kartikeya's style of acting.

Preejot Singh from the previous season walks up next with Zoya and Shreesha. They do a take on Ram–Lakhan.

Dipali and Soham return with Vaishnavi this time, leaving everyone with moist eyes as the act is an emotional one.

Vivek couldn’t control himself and says he was reminded of Sonali Bendre throughout the act, as she is fighting cancer. Omung says that the act was fabulous, but he did not want it to happen at this stage.

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Garvit and Shubhangi walk in with Dancing Superstar Yogesh to lighten the mood.

Garvit as SRK is something you do not want to miss; the judges have an argument over who is better: Season 2 or Season 3 kids. So Shantanu calls for a competition.

Rukhsana Kausar, the real-life unsung hero is paid a tribute by Angelica, Soham, Garvit, and Season 2 winner Swasti Nitya. The judges call off homework, and there is no elimination.


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