Shubharambh: Rani Fails Kirdada

MUMBAI: Kirdada discloses to Hiten that Rani will give 50 lacs to Asha as they have a lottery so we can’t let her wed to Raja. We need to stop this wedding.

Rani’s sibling gets Hiten’s call. Hiten asks Virinda to go to his home now, she says OK. Virinda reveals to Rani that I will proceed to converse with him, she leaves.

Virinda goes to Hiten’s home. Hiten says requests quit wedding capacities. Asha is stunned and says what?

Rani’s sibling is concerned that Virinda hasn’t returned. She returns. He asks what was the deal? Virinda says they need to have consolidated wedding capacities. Rani grins and gets glad.

Raja and Rani’s mehndi function begins. The two of them take a gander at one another and grin. Hiten welcomes everybody and inquires as to whether everything is going per the arrangement? She says yes. Jharna reveals to her mom that Kirdada must arrangement something.

Raja gives a rose to a kid and sends it to Rani. Rani smiles and sees the rose fallen. They both run to get it and hit their heads. Tera fitoor plays as Raja gives the rose to Rani. They both bump their heads and fall in eye lock.

 Aasha calls Utsav and asks about lottery money. He asks if she trusts her. Aasha says that just because she trusts him she’s going ahead with the marriage. She warns him that it’s his sister’s life and leaves. Raja gives the rose to Rani and is about to bump his head again but Aasha calls them. Aasha praises Rani’s beauty and Hitan and Kirdada smirk seeing it.

Pandit comes with two dogs shocking everyone. Aasha and Jharna understands that it’s Kirdada’s plan. They ask the reason for bringing dogs. He says their house as grah dosh. Due to it according to the horoscopes of both their sons and daughters in law they could die. So their daughters in law should first marry the dogs as a ritual. Aasha too agrees while everyone else gets shocked. Rani denies doing the ritual.

Jharna’s mother signals her something and Jharna agrees to pretend to care for the family. Everyone forces Rani but Raja supports Rani. Aasha too supports Kirdada. The ritual starts and Raja still denies for the ritual.

Pandit advises to either do the ritual or postpone the marriage for six months on an auspicious day. Aasha too denies and asks to agree for pooja. Rani enquires Pandit about the ritual. Pandit stands tensed and stammers. In his tension, he says that she’ll die right after 10 or 15 minutes of Haldi. Rani applies Haldi from Raja’s hand and waits for 20 minutes for her death. Raja and Rani’s mother asks her to have water and Rani coughs and faints. Everyone gets shocked. Kirdada creates drama but it turns out to be her dream while Rani is all fine. 20 minutes get over and Rani taunts Pandit.



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